Welcome at Bobehfayi, What’s up!

Human Rights Lawyer, I hold a Maitrise en Droit Public from l’Universite de Bouake in Cote d’Ivoire and an LLM in Human Rights and Democratisation from the Faculty of Law of University of Pretoria (South Africa)

I currently work as an International Consultant. In the course of my work, I discovered the media sector as a fundamental compartment of society due to the role it plays by being the vehicle of Freedom of Expression and Access to Information, all, pillar human rights necessary for the effective enjoyment of all other human rights.

I am also interested in Politics and related issues as these are initially the mechanisms through which human beings seek the respect of their dignity and well-being.

Accordingly, I reflect a lot on the better way to achieve dignity and well-being of humans, with a specific reference to Africa and its history and legacy.

Thus, my strong belief is that any goal needs a strong and properly elaborated strategy which I think Africa has not.

BOBEHFAYI“, the denomination of my blog derives from my mother tongue and means “what’s up?”.

My voice echoed on this platform is to engage with views that can further the discussions about these issues and I welcome contradictory thoughts; my motto being “confrontation has only one positive aspect which is the revelation of opposed points and conflicting pretensions”.

Thanks for sharing!


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